February - 3 - 2015

The thrill of winning surpasses any fear of losing… Playing blackjack online can be a win-win situation if you learn a few simple tricks of the trade. As with everything in life, knowledge is key, and the more you know, the better you will be. Never ever think you know all there is to know. Go into it to enjoy yourself. If you see not in. A good mood, do not play, unless you like giving your money away.

First and foremost, you need to have the basics of blackjack down pat before you can take a step forward. With that in mind, see below for five ultimate tips for winning at blackjack.

1. Limits. With all the intelligence a person can have, it is astonishing that many blackjack players sit at the table and do not know what the limit is. What is even more amazing is that there are times they dont know what game they are playing. If this is you, stop what you are doing and seriously consider playing. For those of you Who have only witnessesed this, READ the limit sign please. Be sure that you are at a standard game. Make sure you read the limits of the table for both the minimum and maximum bet of each of your hands. Know which two cards you can double and also know which two cards you can split, as well as how often. Do you see how knowledge is the foundation? Again READ! Make sure you know all your options. For example, can you surrender Early or late into the game

2. Shiny Happy Faces. Ever heard that song by REM? If yes, fantastic. If no, go take a listen then return. Look for a happy dealer. The dealer can make all the difference in your experience, and obviously you want to enjoy yourself. Remember that dealers work for tips a lot of the time so they should be as friendly as possible. You would not tolerate rude or belligerant behavior from a waitress or battesse so definitely do not tolerate from a dealer.

3. Keep The Bubbly To A Minimum. Be sure not to drink too much. It is impossible to make good choices when you are a bit toasted. Save the bubbly for the celebration party after you win play-online-bingo.

4. Keep Your Cool. You are there to enjoy yourself, not to be worried about the amount you bet. Find a comfortable limit and stick to it. You definitely will make better decisione if you are preoccupied about the bets. Nobody can win everytime so make sure you play within your means financially. A good rule of thumb is to make the decision prior as to what you are willing to bet, and then put only a quarter of that total amount on the table at any given time. This will either force you to find another table if you do not do well the first time around or to consider quitting www.uscasinovegas.

5. The No-No’s

Here is a compilation of The Don’t list, which can benefit you greatly. Be sure to bookmark this. First of all, do no take insurance unless you are playing with many people or you do not see 10’s on the layout. Use surrender excluding when you have 15 against 10, and again when you have 16 up against 9, 10 or an ace playPokerCardGames. Be sure to mind your manners and be polite to the dealer and other players. Like you, they are there to enjoy themselves. Finally, do not bet more when you are losing. This is about 100% method of burying yourself and your bankroll www.updatesofcasino.

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